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plugins & other gadgets

plugins and other gadgets




Using maps and include

I bought a i-gotU gps-tracker for using it to do trekking, ski tours and  mountaineering in general. The i-gotU is a very smart & small gadget (almost thumb-sized) which is almost waterproofed but at least rainproofed. However there is no senseful software for mac, I tried to use it anyway. Importing data isn’t a problem, indeed other handling like to change the frequency of tracking points per unit time isn’t easy… To import data, just download the gps data to an editor and save the file with .gpx-ending. This file is thus compatible with google maps.

i-gotU-GT-120-GPS-Tracker-268672However I tested the gadget yesterday. Sarah went to workout sport at Hohmad hospital and i butted the small i-gotU in her bag. Because the frequency of tracking the waypoints is set to 3min 30 sec per point, the route using the bicycle isn’t accurate, but it worked perfectly. The idea behind setting the tracker up to a frequency 03.30mins (3.3*min/waypoint) is that the battery of the i-gotU holds much longer. Thus with 3.30mins frequency I achieve 210 hours without reload the battery. Therefore I can use the i-gotU for about 8 days treks. However I think about setting the frequency to 2mins. The other issue is that it isn’t required that I track a waypoint per second or per 10 seconds because if we trek by feet the average distance per time is much smaller than moving foreward by car or bike.. Thus the track (route) still very well and accurate displayable on a map even if the map is zoomed.

For displaying the track on google maps there is a very nice wordpress plugin called WP GPX MAPS simple installed and used.  U just have to add the .gpx-file and ad the link within to our page or blog (sgpx gps=“/wp-content/uploads/gpx/ourfile,gpx“) framed by squared brackets  (“ [ ] „) and it works perfectly!

See result:


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